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Colors and Psychology


White is a symbol of purity, innocence. It creates a sense of infinity and blank. White act on our soul like absolute silence. Not a silence of death but endless possibilities.

Light Grey

Light grey is the symbol of fright and dread. It remind us old age ad death approaching.


Between black and white, grey expresses doubt and neutrality. It's the symbol of hesitance and lack of energy.

Dark Grey

Dark grey expresses fear, monotony and sorrow. It's depressive and discouraging.


Black is a symbol of anxiety, distress, death and is inscrutable. It's an eternal silence, without future. But black is also known as elegence and nobility.


Yellow is the most luminous and garish of all colors. It's the symbol of knowledge and science.

Gold Yellow

Gold yellow is as powerful as light and heats the heart.

Yellow Green

It represents all sins: lie, envy, betrayal, doubt, mistrust, mistakes.


It represents willingness, work and healthy life. It's the color of things and land.


Orange is warm and active. It owns the strength and luminosity of the sun. It represents luxury and pride.


The magenta red has a powerful radiation force. It shows happiness, dynamics and manliness. At the opposite, it's also brutality, agitated life and exhaltation.

Medium Red

Medium red represents activity, strength, efficience, movement and passionate desires.

Orange Red

Orange red is impetuosity, energy, joy and the triumph of the most warm color.

Purple Red

Purple red is the most traditional. It represents wealth, dignity and power.


Pink symbolizes shyness, softness and romanticism. Pink is affection, feminity, intimacy, optimistic.


Blue is the symbol of faith, it corresponds to self spiritual life. Friend of shadows, blue has depth and leads the soul to infinity.

Light Blue

Light blue is indifferent. It's like a cold light and incites dreams.

Grey Blue

Grey blue recalls superstition, fear and distraction.


Turquoise blue represents strength of character, inner fire and cold.


Green represents the vegetal life, satisfaction, calm, fertility, hope.

Light Green

Light green is calm and relaxing.

Greenish grey

Greenish grey represents lazyness, softness and flabbiness.

Dark green

Dark green is apathy, unconcern, detachement.

Bluish green

Bluish green shows a cold aggressiveness. It's the coldest color.

Green Yellow

Green Yellow is young and sunny.


Violet recalls secret, mystery, death, unconsciousness. It's also a symbol of nobility.

Light Violet

Light violet is a symbol of melancholy.

Bluish Violet

Bluish violet express loneliness and devotion.

Violet Red

Violet red stands for heavenly love.

Dark Violet

Dark violet stands for sadness and disaster.

Purplish gray

Purplish gray stands for superstition.